Roaming the Ruins of Rumination

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9 June 1987
The Wisdom of a Twenty-Something Year Old:

People will forgive you for almost anything you do as long as you can make them laugh while doing it.

If all the world's a stage, life has to be the worst-reviewed play ever.

You know you've been staring into the abyss too long when it winks back at you.

The best way to lie is to make yourself believe the lie first. But then, you still end up being a dipshit for being taken in by yourself.

Fuck spirituality, karma and Creationism. The most enduring life philosophy is: shit happens. Suck it up.

Cynicism and skepticism are the worst kind of childishness. Knowing that, however, won't make you any less cynical or skeptical.

You aren't the protagonist in some Grand Cosmological Quest Fairytale Sitcom. There's no giant invisible audience hanging on your every stupidass move. If anything it's a never-ending soap-opera and you're one of the most gigantic ensemble cast ever and the audience is fucking asleep.

Most people want to be some Famous Tortured Geniuses to prove they're something special. The truth is that Decent Human Beings are the real endangered species, and the two never coincide.

No amount of self-improvement books and lectures will make you grow a pair.

There ARE good guys and bad guys, but they're the exception rather than the norm. The rest of the world are just assholes you can tolerate and assholes you can't.

Unless you're deeply fucked up, your siblings turn from annoying birth control mishaps you can't stand into actual people with only semi-annoying personalities who you can trust to have your back. This usually happens somewhere around their twenties.

Don't discriminate. Be an equal-opportunity hater. They probably deserve it.

Today's morality: Being a misandrist or misogynist is WRONG. Being a misanthrope is an amusing personal quirk. Go figure.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is a litmus test for good taste. Do the colors punch you in the retina? Yes? Then its TACKY.

The most destructive goal you can pursue is perfection. Ideals are things whose only value lies in being imaginary placeholders so the concept makes greater sense. You're not supposed to achieve it. Forget about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Look at the damn rainbow.

Whoever tells you that they don't care about money is either shitting you or shitting themselves. Unless they have aspirations to live up in a tree eating raw meat in the nude.

The only way to have a social life while you live with your parents is by employing the mushroom method: keep them in the dark and feed them shit.

Being blunt is not the same thing as being honest. Being blunt is being too damn lazy to tell the truth in a palatable fashion.

The person who said that nothing ruins a good relationship faster than full disclosure really knew what they were talking about.

Improvisation is a survival skill of the pathological procrastinator.

Nothing scares us more than our own untapped potential.

Intelligence and talent aren't much to be proud of. Those are just luck-of-the-draw genetics. Skills and accomplishments are what you DO with them.

You can either be the one selling bullshit or the one buying bullshit. Doing both is just really fucking lame.

Swearing certainly is really fucking therapeutic and I don't give a damn about anyone who likes their French, but anyone who thinks that inserting "fuck" every third sentence gives them some kind of social "in" is an idiot.

There's no such thing as nonconformism. Even noncomformists are conforming to the current trends of nonconformism.

Shitheads of the world are people who have not learned the responsibility of appreciating and using their compassion, conscience and intelligence properly. It has nothing to do with either politics or religion.

Social Media is the bane of modern human existence. People are so obsessed with mounting their soap boxes, grandstanding and yelling out their own agenda that no one can hear anyone else over the shouting. That's okay, though, because without any dialogue, there's little worth listening to anyway.

That which does not kill you doesn't necessarily make you stronger. Sometimes it just gives you indigestion.

Time does not heal all wounds, it's just the bastard that hogs all the credit for it.

Forming generalizations are a great pastime that makes you sound wise and knowing while masking the fact that you're wasting time on the internet. :-D

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